UGC NTA NET and English Literature – a story which has its own peaks and valleys and when the name VINEET PANDEY gets connected to the above mentioned two words, it becomes even more worth-remembering in the long run.
The experience of more than 8 years as the specialized expert in the field of English Literature has made the name VINEET PANDEY a brand.
With the experience of 8 NET, 2 JRF and 17 SET and having the knowledge in connection withall the exams in English Literature whether it be TGT, PGT, or any other competitive exam, I , Vineet Pandey , am going to recommend few books which can be studied and grasped through to have a central or critical idea about how to prepare or crackUGC NTA NET in English Literature. Though I usually avoid recommending these books solely for UGC NTA NET preparation as the pattern and syllabus keep on playing hide and seek with the aspirants, yet I would specify and ask the aspirants to at least have a reading of all these to know the elementary approach to Literature as whole.
English Literature for the preparation of UGC NTA NET has been having the syllabus that requires a multifaceted methodalong with the understanding of how various comprehensiveand analytical techniques can be well acquired and learnt through to understand the treacherousnature of the pattern of UGC NTA NET JRF.
UGC NTA NET has been rounding off well with questions on the basic literary periods from various ages but a question always emerges whether the books available in the market or which the traditional schooling asks the students to go for are sufficient enough or not when one prepares oneself of the competitive examination of ugc net.
Here is the list of top 10 books which can be quiet handy and helpful while going to prepare for UGC NTA NET.
Have a look at them and for a fundamental reading can even opt for when you are to study the rudimentary litearture in English.


PART – 1

1 . A Critical History of English Literature – David Daiches

The book in two volumes published in 1860 dealing with the literary eras and is usually considered to be the bible specifically for the newbies in English Literature.
Descriptive, explanatory and interpretive in nature these books provide the salient features of various ages and writers of English Literature.
David Daiches is a name synonym to knowledge, trust and authenticity. For a better grasp at the basicality of chapters, one can acquaint oneself with these two books.

2 . English Literature – William J Long

Simply enthralling and comprehensive, the book covers the most in literary ages and focuses on the historical and cultural background.
With the histories of writers and an analytical approach to the background, the book has a lot to delve deep into and can be considered as one of the founding ones for the preparation of UGC NTA NET in English Literature.
Alluded with many references and detailed chapter –wise relevant information from how literature forms meanings from the very beginning up to 20th century history in England.

3 . A History of English Literature – Arthur Compton Rickett

One of the very elaborative and exemplary books dealing in the transitional periods of history and some profound writers and their lives.
Topics discussed in the book are having all the historical, social and political implications in a very detailed way thus providing an analysis which is in-depth and canvassing multifarious as well rational discussions in an analysed way.
Go through it and try to build a comprehensive understanding.

4 . The Short Oxford History of English Literature – Andrew Sanders

Andrew Sanders usually has an elaborative approach to Literature and can be well introduced as being one of the most important ones when treating and tackling the preparation for an expanding base of Literature.
Detailing in nature and very well explained, Andrew Sanders usually provides a literature lover with refined blend of class as well nobility to comprehend English Literature in its entire and integrated form and structure.

5 . The Routledge History of Literature in English – Ronald Carter, John McRae

Routledge is a brand to be trusted for but as usual the question usually arises whether it is handy when it comes to the factual preparation for UGC NTA NET or not.
British and Irish Literature cover the most parts of the book by colligating the various phases of literature as well language.
The newly third edition comes with substantial and considerable quotations along with the key-texts on various writers from Nobel Prize winners to Chaucer to Shakespeare to Virginia Woolf to John Keats.
A well cited one for the students of English Literature.

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