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UGC NET English Literature is one of the prestigious exams to clear and when someone has no guidance, it becomes even more special since the study materials for UGC NET are not in circulation everywhere whether it be the preparation of UGC NTA NET EXAM in Delhi, Varanasi , Hyderabad or in any other parts of India.

Earlier either NET coaching was costlier or there was no one to provide with the proper guidance even through online coaching in the UGC NTA NET field. Others only had the intention of making money that is why they just used to provide solved papers and few mock tests. But the aspirants basically never used to get through the answer of their question how to prepare for ugc net english literature or how to crack net exam in english literature.

Standard in this competitive exam was not be found along with the basics where not only the canonical writers but also literary theories must be taken care of.

A smart strategy along with a good dedication need to be relied upon but how much the best guidance for ugc net is needed.

Have you ever seen a personality who does not only TEACH or LECTURE but PERFORM them taking a very different approach from the traditional teaching or lecturing without even sacrificing the very basic ESSENCE?

The hybridity in his personality can be experienced when one attends his lectures. He knows how to keep his audience engaged and attentive. Henry Ward once said

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures.”

And this is what Mr.Vineet Pandey has experimented with his profession. He’s become a profound artist who now knows how to use the brush of the experiences of his life and paints a beautiful picture out of it with the very funny nature of him having everyone around feel satisfied which has definitely borne fruits resulting in his popularity in the field of English literature as well for the aspirants who are, have been or had been under his guidance for NTA NET Examination. He has given his best results whether through online mode or offline. And it can be experienced very well when his results have started imparting knowledge and coming into this field.

He’s transparent, honest and best at what he does that is why people even want to have the glimpse of him in his substitute also and therefore it gets sometimes difficult for others to match to his standard in his field. Yes, others do try but they still have miles to go. Yes, they do criticise him too but none dares to challenge or compete or reach the boundaries he has touched.

His certificates do talk about him and his knowledge but the best part is that HE himself IS ALSO THERE TO SHOW THE WORLD THE HARD AND SMART WORK HE HAS DONE whether through his LIVE CLASSES on YOUTUBE, OFFLINE or ONLINE classes or his creative videos on YouTube on the preparation of English Literature.

People keep appreciating or criticising his intellectual side but they all love his heart. They all appreciate him as a great human being who is not only changing his life but also people around – the one man army indeed. His philanthropist deeds have been well known and well praised for making him an overall personality who inspires as well as gets identified too.

If one is truly looking for a guidance which will help one not only to qualify an exam in English Literature but also how to keep improving one’s knowledge and personality ,Vineet Pandey is the road one should resort to and follow and be in touch with forever.

They say


Mr Vineet Pandey redefines it and says




Vineet   Pandey
( 7  NET, 2  JRF, 16  SET)

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