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Vineet Pandey sir stresses that candidates must be conversant with the relevant information in order to prepare for the CUET PG Exam.

  • The CUET PG exam is planned to be a one-stage examination.
  • All questions will most likely be objective type with multiple-choice questions.
  • The exam will be conducted for 2 hours (120 minutes).
  • The total number of questions would be 100 consisting of two parts:
  1. Part A – Verbal Ability/Language Comprehension/General Awareness/Mathematical Ability/Quantitative Ability/Analytic Skills (25 Marks)
  2. Part B – Domain Knowledge (75 Marks)
  • Each wrong response is supposed to result in a one-point penalty and each right one would account for 4 points.


Syllabus Distribution

  1. History of English and Indian Literatures
  • Major Authors
  • Texts
  • Literary Movements


  1. Indian Writing in English
  • Major Authors
  • Texts Including English Translations
  • History


  1. Literary Terms
  • Allegory
  • Ballad
  • Blank verse
  • Comedy
  • Dissociation of sensibility
  • Dramatic monologue
  • Elegy
  • Epic
  • Fancy and Imagination
  • Intentional Fallacy
  • Motif
  • Ode
  • Plot
  • Figures of speech
  • Satire
  • Soliloquy
  • Sonnet
  • Tragedy
  • Wit (etc.)


  1. Literary Genres
  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Life Writings
  • Diary
  • Drama
  • Essay
  • Novel
  • Poetry
  • Prose
  • Short story
  • Epic
  • Travelogue
  • Science Fiction (etc.)


  1. Comparative Literature and Translation Studies
  • Concepts
  • Theories
  • Texts
  1. Literary Criticism and Theories
  • Classical and Modern Criticism
  • Marxism
  • Structuralism and Post-Structuralism
  • Feminism
  • Eco- Criticism
  • Post- Colonialism (etc.)
  1. Awareness of Current Literary Events, Awards and Trends


Important Notes

  • Candidates must have a proper grasp on The History Of English Literature and remember each and every book and its author who wrote in particular genres first.
  • Candidates must have a general knowledge about major authors and their texts like Geoffery Chaucer, William Shakespeare, Daniel Defoe etc. along with their writing styles and the literary movements they contributed to.
  • It is also necessary for the candidates to memorize Colonial and Post-Colonial Indian writes and their works that gained attention of the masses.
  • Knowledge of the dates and events occurring are also necessary for students to remember.
  • Literary Terms are very important for the candidates for their own understanding and also majorly in regards to the exam as sometimes questions are asked in comparison to the works associated with them.
  • Candidates must also learn about the various literary genres that major authors introduced and excelled in.


Vineet Pandey sir advises candidates to attempt the CUET PG mock test 2023 after completing the entire course. Candidates must incorporate the CUET PG 2023 mock test in their exam preparation because it is an identical replica of the real exam. It will help applicants comprehend the format of the test and increase their speed in responding questions. With the help of the CUET PG sample test 2023, candidates may study diverse questions and anticipate frequently asked questions. As a consequence, completing as many CUET PG 2023 practice tests as possible will increase your chances of passing the CUET PG 2023 exam.

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