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CUET English Literature Syllabus Breakdown/Analysis

Preparing for the CUET Entrance Exam

Must have a CUET preparation strategy to ace the exam with flying colors. It is very important for the candidates to have a well-planned CUET 2023 preparation strategy to avoid any hassle later.

For this, we need a proper understanding of the English literature syllabus. See syllabus is defined which is a good thing but the level of the exam is something to deal with smart and joyful study. For this first, we need to understand and decode the syllabus which is…

Syllabus –

  1. History of English and Indian Literature: General trends
  2. Literary Terms: Allegory, ballad, blank verse, comedy, connotation and denotation, dissociation of sensibility, dramatic monologue, elegy, enlightenment, epic, fancy and imagination, free verse, imitation, intentional fallacy, meter, motif, ode, onomatopoeia, paradox, plot, point of view, satire, soliloquy, sonnet, tragedy, wit, etc.
  3. Literary Genres: Fiction and non‐fiction (traditional and modern classification); autobiography, biography, diary, drama, essay, novel, poetry, prose, short story, etc; types and sub‐types.
  4. Comparative Literature: Definition, scope, aims, and objectives; key terms, literary historiography, myth, motif, etc.
  5. Literary trends and literary movements: Aestheticism, modernism and post‐modernism, mysticism, naturalism, progressivism, realism, revolutionary literature, and romanticism.
  6. Elementary knowledge of famous authors and texts: From Indian, Western and Classical literature.
  7. Awareness of current literary trends, events, activities, awards, etc.

With us, you will have all these things prepared in a proper manner to ace the exam with all your dignity.

If we talk about a particular syllabus then according to the syllabus go through thoroughly every topic and be your own critic. We will provide you best of all study materials from which you can get proper guidance in this exam.

As Oscar Wilde has said,” the work of a critic is to educate the people and the work of the artist is to educate the critic.”

With us, you will have all material of CUET English literature. With a record of  2 JRF,8 NET, and 17 SET, I Vineet Pandey invite you to join our batch and let the dream of higher studies come true. with us, you will get the best faculty of India’s biggest batch of English literature. With this exam, you can study in your dream universities in India with your capabilities. Live your dream with us and let’s make it happen.

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