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UPSC Aspirants are given liberty in their Mains to score Five-hundred marks, in their choice of Subjects. Many hopeful applicants choose Literature, preferring their own mother tongue. English Literature is picked by a very few daring candidates.


  • Few aspirants are not very much acknowledged with this Optional Paper
  • Lack of proper coaching class and proper guidance
  • Illusion or misunderstanding that NET preparation is more than enough for UPSC too
  • Taking English Literature for very much granted

Availability of Coaching Class:

  • In India, there are coaching classes for UPSC Exams
  • Bu the availability of Coaching, for optional paper is a huge question mark
  • When it comes to English Literature, of course fashionable boards are kept, but does not deal with Literature from the UPSC Point of view
  • This became the foremost reason for the Aspirants to prefer self study and consider Google as their Muse

Change in Antiquity:

  • On 10th of July 2021, a ray of hope shined gloriously
  • Sahitya Classes, inaugurated the First batch of UPSC Aspirants, who have selected English Literature as an Optional Paper
  • The batch is meant exclusively for UPSC only

Benefits of preferring Sahitya Class:

  • Sahitya Class has became a sculptor in the field of Literature
  • Questions and Queries of the Aspirants will be cleared at the earliest
  • It is a well-planned and well-constructed class, where neither a hesitation nor a delay can be found
  • Sahitya Class is a boon for all Literature Students, as the lectures will be completely Unique
  • It is true that this is the first time to have a batch for UPSC Optional paper and few might take a back step
  • Before keeping the back step, one must rewind their memory to the GATE Batch
  • GATE Batch, again for the first time in India for Literature was created and resulted in success
  • Aspirants with passion, dedication must take a try, as you have chosen the right path


Sahitya Class and UPSC:

  • Sahitya Class is all set to welcome future IAS,IPS and all other categories of Government Officials
  • Plan is double checked and ready to be shot at the right candidate
  • The coach or guide or tutor or teacher or motivation of literary community is up for Creating yet another history
  • Sahitya Class now goes synonymous with India’s First Coaching Class for English Literature as an Optional Paper in UPSC Exams

Why choose Vinnet Panday?

William Arthur Ward defines, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

  • Adhering to the quote, Vinnet Panday has become an identity who can be categorised in n-number of ways (Learner, Teacher, Guide, Supporter, Motivator and Parent who suggests the right ways to their Children)
  • He has pushed himself beyond all the limits and successfully accomplished Eight NET, Two JRF ,Seventeen SET and GATE
  • No one dares to leap beyond in their respective Field. But Vinnet Panday crossed all boundaries to make his students gain knowledge
  • For Example: He was the only Person to daringly accept his enrolment in GATE Examination
  • Keeping one’s career and identity in hands of commoners is not an easy job. He won it
  • Vinnet Panday will reply to all the questions targeted towards him in any platform
  • Under his guidance, there is no fear to face the exam, as he checks the test score of the students regularly

UPSC Strategy:

  • Time Duration: 3 ( Completion of Syllabus) + 1 (Revision and Written Practice) Month
  • The syllabus will be completed not only with respect to the plot but also from critical aspects
  • Minute details of the core text will be covered with important quotations and different perspectives (An essential factor in UPSC)
  • The answer scripts will be thoroughly circulated and evaluated by Senior Personalities in the field of Literature, with feedbacks
  • Additionally, the answer scripts will be prepared by experienced professionals and distributed to students, to gain an idea

Few Links to know more about English Literature as an Optional Paper:

Aspirants, it’s high time to choose the right path. First batch started with a bang and seats are filled. Second batch is on the way. Choose the perfect master and perfect class, so that one day you shall say in the words of Robert Frost:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.”


Vineet Pandey

2 JRF,8 NET, and 17 SET

(Ex Asst. Professor of the University of Delhi)

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