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The success stories of students enrolled in Vineet Pandey’s Net Coaching

While the coaching institutes aid to the success of the students, some students make an effort to give the humility back by sharing their stories, which not only keeps the students next in line of success to keep motivated but also gives immense pleasure to the people who were a part of their journey.

Vineet Pandey’s Coaching Institute part from giving the best guidance to UGC NET Students also helps in bringing forward the stories of students who fought their way to success. Some of these stories are:

Raghav Gupta, a student of Vineet Pandey’s Coaching who once was not even aware of the bird named literature went on to qualify NET 4 times, Gate and ultimately paved his way to JRF. Raghav regards his success to his dedication, consistency and most importantly Vineet Sir’s guidance.

Prerna, another student of Vineet Sir who was so dedicated to qualify the exam that she stopped sleeping. However this is not one of those practices that one should take upon, but sleeplessness is one of the common problems that students go through. While some students don’t sleep due to the anxiety of the exam, students like Prerna don’t sleep because of the dreams that they watch with open eyes. As a result of her hard work, resistance and constant motivation from Vineet Sir, she was able to crack one of the most prestigious exams of the country.

Zainab Shahnaz who pursued her M.A in English after getting married and having kids, due to her zeal to learn literature went on to qualify NET 2 times under Vineet Sis’s guidance. She took upon all her marital responsibilities, became an excellent mother of two beautiful kids and still kept her academic zeal alive. Dedicated whatever time she could get after her house chores to study. Zainab is a great example of how the motivation to become something can drive you to achieve great goals in life.

Many more such stories are regularly posted on the YouTube channel of Vineet Pandey’s Classes, to keep the students motivated and let them know that a correct guidance and hard work can do wonders for you.


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